Embark the blogging journey on Hashnode

Today, I am embarking on the journey of blogging on the Hashnode platform. As a part of this journey, I bought the domain, sysout.dev from Google domains. I updated the domain in the hashnode profile, at which point, it says I need to add a CNAME record. So go to Google domains, add CNAME record with name as @ which means, we are adding them to root domain. Adding CNAME for the root domains is not supported by Google domains and also not recommended. The solution is to add an A record, with the IP provided by Hashnode. Though I have written here in two simple steps, took me almost an hour to understand. If you are using Google domains and doing something different, let me know!

Coming to my self, I work as a software developer for a Fintech company, building supply chain management products for corporate clients, helping them manage their finances better. I work in Java, Spring Boot, Docker technologies mostly. I want to share my learnings (and mistakes I will do in the process, many in fact) on this platform since that gives me a better understanding and validation of what I had learned and also may receive better solutions from the community.

See you soon with an article on building custom spring boot auto configurations for our applications...